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Akvis MakeUp

Have you noticed that models or actresses in magazine photographs seem to look a lot better in print versus seeing them in person? This is usually attributed to airbrush touch up done on their photos before printing them. (more…)

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Akvis NatureArt

Have you ever taken a photo and thought it would be perfect if only it had a few clouds, a sun shining off in the distance, or a little rain and lightning to set the mood? (more…)

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Akvis Coloriage

Akvis Coloriage is designed to convert black and white photographs into color. Why would we need this since now-a-days with the advent of inexpensive color digital cameras, it is very seldom that people are taking black and white photos? (more…)

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Event Manager logo

Event Manager X

Event Manager X removes the clutter by letting you hide or show the Events and Projects in Final Cut Pro X’s Event and Project libraries.   (more…)

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Got Data? Then at sometime you Will lose data. There are tools out there to help you recover. While far from a one button miracle, Stellar Pheonix Mac Data recovery (SPMDR) is a very full toolbox to assist you in a variety of ways in your quest. If the file(s) you need to recover existed on a […]

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Akvis Sketch 13.5

Have you ever wanted to change a photo into a nice pencil or charcoal drawing that can be hung on the wall – but lacked the skills to convert it manually? Then check out Akvis Sketch. It will convert your photos into pencil sketches, charcoal, or watercolor drawings. Not only this, but (with the help […]

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