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Tokyo ReAnimator

It probably has happened at least once to everyone (whether you are an amateur or a pro) who has taken video movies – the dreaded speck or lint on your lens or a dead pixel in your camera that creates a blemish on your “once in a lifetime” shot. (more…)

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SEE Finance

By way of introduction let me say, I began this review with one objective in mind – to determine if SEE Finance was suitable for me as a replacement for Quicken for Windows (QFW). (more…)

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CrazyTalk (iOS vr)

CrazyTalk is a free iOS App by Reallusion Inc. that will introduce you to the amazing world of Facial Animation. Reallusion created the fun and free Crazytalk App for your iDevices. I believe it was designed to meet two major goals. (more…)

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Akvis AirBrush

If you have ever been to a Semi- truck show, you probably have seen a lot of airbrush artwork on the sides of the cabs (tractors) or even on the sides of the trailers. They are beautiful. Well if you ever had a hankering to try airbrushing but never got around to it or didn’t […]

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Ripple Jumps

Have you seen a movie like Raiders of the Lost Ark that graphically shows you the distance a person has traveled using a map with a camera movement or a line drawn from point A to point B? Would you like to spruce up your videos with a similar map reference/animation? (more…)

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You might logically ask what leaving Adobe in a huff and a podcast called This Week In Photography has to do with a Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry software review. All of these concepts merged this month in a very serendipitous collision. Of course it’s the money (some have said greed). Adobe has been been rolling in […]

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